About Me

You attend a party. The platters are piled with mountains of food and a variety of twinkling beverages line the counters. People are loading their plates up, balancing them precariously against their chests and telling stories that involve sweeping gestures.

There is a woman. She is perhaps nibbling on fresh fruit or sipping water. She’s wearing loud shoes with high heels to distract from her constantly changing hair. She is definitely laughing too loudly and most likely making bad puns and goofy faces.

I’m that woman!

I’m a married mother of two older teenage sons, a vegan, a writer, a procrastinator, and a dreamer.

I adopted a plant-based diet because of my concerns about animal welfare, but the health benefits I have reaped have been life changing. I give back to the animals by volunteering at an animal sanctuary and I hope I can give something to you by sharing my vegan lifestyle and all the blessings it showers upon me daily.



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