VeganMoFo Day 29: Come on, Baby; Don’t Fear the Rooster!

My older son has spent a lot of time away from home lately. He’s involved in a college activity that dominates his time and often keeps him on campus for long hours each day. I’m thrilled that he’s found something that fulfills him, but I do miss him. He’s also a good taste tester with very strong preferences, so I’ve been waiting on a particular recipe for a time when I knew he’d be home. Finally, tonight, I have him trapped. Now’s my chance to attempt something I read online a few weeks ago, something that is right up his alley, or at least on a nearby side street.

Number one son loves Sriracha sauce. I’ve seen him put on it on just about everything. I won’t be surprised the morning I see him squeeze a line of it on his toothbrush, although I’ll be a little concerned if he gargles with it afterwards. His passion for Rooster Sauce borders on pathological. It’s pretty low on the scale of worrisome addictions; however, so we indulge him even if we do shake our heads in wonder when he pours it on everything from spaghetti to seitan.

One day, during a vegan recipe search, I somehow stumbled on a recipe for Vegan Chocolate Sriracha Ice Cream.

My first thought was, “Oh, how weird!” but the idea stuck in my head. Could it be good? Do people really like this? Is it legal? So many people raved about the idea in the comments sections of the various sites I on which I saw this recipe, but I didn’t see many who followed through and actually tried it. Deciding that my son could be to Chocolate Sriracha Ice Cream what Mikey was to Chex cereal, I knew I needed to give it a whirl and see if it lived up to all that hype!

Wanting a partner for the ice cream, I started making dessert by making sweet tortillas. I followed the recipe I found here, making them sweet by following the directions there as well.

I used too much pressure with the first one I made and caused it to split a little. After realizing I needed to reduce the pressure while they cooked, they all came out perfectly. Tortillas are so quick and easy to make, I had them done in no time. They smelled faintly sweet, and I put them aside to cool while I made the ice cream.

I chilled the coconut milk beforehand by placing the can in the fridge. This is part of my learning-to-make-firmer-ice-cream agenda that I’ve been practicing. After mixing all the ingredients, I put the bowl in the freezer for a half an hour as well, making sure that everything was well chilled when the ice cream maker started.

I ran the machine for a half an hour, and I ended up with the firmest ice cream to date. It was really perfect! Soft but scoop-able, it held it’s shape in the bowl and didn’t liquefy while I took a couple of pictures. Hurray! Success!

I fried some of the tortillas in a little oil and sprinkled them with sugar and cinnamon. I wanted to use them as cones, but in the end we used them more like a cookie. Broken up and eaten with the ice cream, they tempered the spiciness of the ice cream

So, the big question: How did the ice cream taste?

The answer: It really depends on whom you ask!

My taste buds cried out, “Sweet! Chocolate and… What the?!?” I knew that I would taste the Sriracha, but the ice cream still surprised me with its heat. I ate more of the tortillas than the ice cream. I’d eat it again, but it was a bit spicy for my tastes. I’ll reduce the Sriracha the next time I make it and see if I can manage the hot any better then, but I would definitely make it again.

After a spoonful, my younger son shook his head and smiled. His vote was definitely a no. He likes Sriracha, just not in his ice cream. He opted for a bowl of strawberry ice cream instead. A traditionalist!

My husband liked the Chocolate Sriracha a lot and volunteered to eat my younger son’s helping. He said it was interesting because it was unexpected to have that hot and spicy flavor in ice cream. He liked it better than the strawberry, so the Sriracha had his vote!

Finally, we came to my older son and the moment of truth. Well, I warned him that it was spicy before he took a bite. I held my breath. After the first spoonful, he paused thoughtfully and said, “You said this is spicy?” I guess two teaspoons of Sriracha isn’t enough to spice up ice cream for his burnt out taste buds! He wasn’t sure if he liked the cinnamon in the ice cream, but he ate his serving and seemed pleased, if a little mellow.

So, what does all of this mean? It means, as I should have suspected, that Chocolate Sriracha Ice Cream is something you have to try for yourself. Four tried it here tonight, and all four had different reactions. I’d hoped for fireworks, but I think the overriding sentiment was that it is different enough that it’s hard to say how much we liked or didn’t like it. That’s not too surprising either.

I didn’t get my “Hey Mikey! He likes it!” moment, but that’s okay. It’s fun for me anyway because that Sriracha got me thinking about other unexpected ingredients I can add to different recipes. Family, beware! Today it was Rooster Sauce in our ice cream; who knows what tomorrow will bring?

In the end, everyone enjoyed ice cream of one kind or another; and Rooster Sauce or not, I still think that’s something to crow about!


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