VeganMoFo Made Me Do It!

Welcome to X Means No Onions!

I’m new to blogging but couldn’t resist the allure of VeganMoFo 2012.

For those of you who don’t know, VeganMoFo is short for the Vegan Month of Food. It begins just a few short days from now on October 1st. Throughout the month of October, MoFo bloggers write as much as we can about anything relating to vegan food.

As fate would have it, writing and vegan food are two of my favorite things. Once I heard MoFo was about to begin, I knew I had to be involved in all of that cooking, eating, and typing. So here I am, impulsively joining this vegan food writing extravaganza despite never blogging before. This means I’ll be doing it all a bit by the seat of my pants, but I think that’ll just add to the fun!

I’m eager to get going on my VeganMoFo adventure. I hope I can keep up with all of the dedicated and creative MoFo bloggers and that all of you reading this will enjoy a peek into my vegan kitchen!


2 responses to “VeganMoFo Made Me Do It!

  1. Welcome to MoFo. This is my 2nd year and I love it. Half of the food blogs I follow I found during MoFo.

    • Thank you! I’m excited to be part of VeganMoFo this year. I’ve seen the MoFo logo for a long time, but I never knew exactly what it meant. I’m having a great time. There is so much gorgeous and delicious looking food being created and shared in these blogs!

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